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Aluminum will not rust like Iron. All Macaro’s railings are powder coated which provides a superior long-lasting finish that will not have to be repainted year after year. Aluminum railings will not splinter or rot like wood railings. Whether your railings are for a home or for commercial business use – your custom railing does not have to merely provide function - it can greatly enhance and aesthetically improve your entire space! Whether you have an idea of what you are looking for, or you need our design expertise – we have two generations and decades of experience – and we will guide your vision – and your dream . . . IF YOU DREAM IT, WE CAN FABRICATE IT!!

Aluminum Railings

The Benefits of Aluminum Railings:

  • Will not corrode, rust, splinter, crack, or twist
  • Will not discolor or fade over time
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions (snow, ice, or rain)
Low Maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintain with minimal care
  • Ask about our aluminum railings warranty
  • Not as expensive as wrought iron or other metal products
  • Save money on long term care and maintenance
Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Wide array of colors
  • Various styles
  • Fits your needs
Iron Railings


Iron is frequently used indoors because iron can be formed in all sorts of ways. Iron railings may be heavily ornamental lacy designs with elegant curlicues and other decorative features. The downfall is iron will rust once exposed to weather.


Powder coated to match railings aluminum columns create traditional elegance at very affordable prices. Aluminum columns can be used as load bearing structural elements within your remodeling or new construction project.
We offer Round Fluted Columns, Square Fluted Columns, and Square Smooth Columns.
The main advantage to using aluminum columns is that they are the most resilient and long-lasting material. With our aluminum columns, regular maintenance is unnecessary and repairs ae virtually nonexistent, other than cleaning them sometimes. Aluminum columns do not warp, rot, or split compared to other materials you could use.

Benefits of Aluminum Columns:

Aluminum Columns
  • Available in an array of colors
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Very cost effective
  • Aluminum Columns can bear heavy weight on them


Make a great first impression with a custom designed and built gate that is beautiful, provides security, and is built to withstand the elements and last for years and years. Macaro Railings will install the perfect custom gate designed for your driveway and property, or for the entrance of your home or business.


Macaro Iron Works manufactures ornamental aluminum and Iron fences.
Custom aluminum fences are perfect for securing access to your property and for beautifying any residential landscaping, and it also increases the value of your home. Custom fences are the ideal solution for enclosing the swimming pool area at your home or just to keep your children or pets safely contained in your yard. In New Jersey, a fence around the perimeter of your property is great protection from deer and other wildlife – and ensures the protection of your shrubbery and other landscaping. Our estimators are well equipped with the newest knowledge and expertise to make sure that our customers get the best possible results for your home.


Benefits of Aluminum Fences:

  • Cost - Aluminum fencing costs significantly less than conventional wrought iron – and over time the savings from the maintenance of wrought iron or wood fences is huge. No painting, no replacement of rotten out sections.
  • Rust Free - Aluminum is not a ferrous metal and will not rust.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – No scrapping, no sanding, no priming, no painting – no worries!
  • Aesthetics- Many pleasing colors and styles to choose from.
  • Security- Installed correctly aluminum fences can be the hardest fences to breach or climb over.
  • Rackablity- Professionally installed most aluminum fence panels are “rackable” (meaning it allows a fence to follow the contours of the land – both on inclines & declines) If your fence is not rackable, then it can and will leave unattractive openings at the bottom of the fence when going up or down the grading of your lawn.
  • Warranty- Ask about our aluminum fence warranties.
  • Adds Privacy
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Increases Property Value


Whether on-site or in shop Macaro Iron Works is your one stop shop for welding. Aluminum, steel, or stainless-steel welding can be done on-site, saving time and money transporting the item. Tig or Mig welding is also done in shop by skilled professionals.


The powder coating process uses a solvent free dry mix of plastic resins, pigments and fillers that melt and fuse together when heated. The solid particles of coating are electrostatically charged in a spray gun and carried by low velocity air to the surface of the piece to be coated.

Benefits of Powder Coating?

Powder-coating will make an object be highly impervious to wear and tear no matter the use of the object.

Powdering Coating

The coating on your item will make it resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and wearing. This resilience makes it suitable for various metal components that encounter sunlight and other ecological factors. Commonly powder coating items include:

  • ATV's
  • Basketball Rims
  • Bicycle Frames
  • Football Helmets
  • Lawn Furniture
  • Refrigerators parts
  • Tools
  • Car Rims
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gates


“A CANOPY is an ornamental fabric covering hung or held up over something, especially a throne or bed. Or, an overhanging projection or covering, as a long canvas awning stretching from the doorway of a building to a curb.”

Permanent Canopies
A permanent canopy can provide many benefits for a range of businesses and residences:

Custom Canopies have many applications.
You can use a canopy to shade:

  • Apartment & Condominium common areas
  • Auto dealerships.
  • Parking areas.
  • Parks, playgrounds & recreation spaces.
  • Patios and decks at private residences, restaurants & bars
  • Pool & Spa areas.
  • Schools and day care centers

The Benefits of Canopies

A permanent, canopy from Macaro Iron Works offers:

  • Custom Capabilities. Weather-proofing.
  • Durability.
  • Innovative Design.
  • Quality.

If you are interested in permanent canopy structures for your home or commercial space, call Macaro Iron Works today!


“A PERGOLA is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. This roofing grid may be left open or covered so as to create an area sheltered from the elements. Pergolas may be freestanding or attached to a house. “

Macaro Iron Works uses aluminum to provide the ultimate in design flexibility with a visually striking and architecturally attractive profile to compliment your design. Creative pergola design options include curves, cantilevers, arches, canopies and are only limited by your imagination at Macaro we can bring your dreams to life.


Our heavy-wall extruded profiles allow for longer spans and larger pergolas and shade structures that offer improved durability in commercial applications. Our pergolas are custom fabricated and finished with our state of the art powder coating process ensuring that your aluminum pergola will offer lasting beauty for years.

From backyards to commercial offices and school & college campuses to roof-top living, our aluminum pergolas offer solutions to your most complex design challenges.

We are happy to quote your design or we can work with you to come up with a design that meets your needs and provide you with a quote. Contact Macaro Iron Works today for prompt service!


At Macaro Iron Works we offer many different repair options for your railings. Please contact us today for a free estimate. At Macaro Iron Works we pride ourselves on offering superior customer service. We strive to provide our customer with the highest quality products and services, along with a customer friendly experience that will last as long as your railings.

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